alternative to logmein free

So the warning emails have gone out indicating that Logmein Free is to be no more… – Want to continue using the service? – Then subscribe to Pro for a discounted price of £29 per month or just under £60 per month for new users.

Now this is fine, but what if you only use the service occasionally? – Like us, we sometimes have a need to access files on machines in the office whilst on site and it is great to have a simple easy to use Remote Desktop solution, but is this convenience for that odd occasion worth paying £60 per month for?

Well no need to worry, there is an alternative to Logmein…. another similar system that again offers a free remote desktop solution.

Meet TeamViewer…

TeamViewer offers a similar Free model. It is a reliable system, just download the software from their website, install it on the PCs you want to connect (You can also set unattended control) and away you go.

You can find out more or Download the software from their website here:


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